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    VZW 650 was working fine till BT headset

    Help me out here.
    My girlfriends 650 was working fine for the last 2 months she's had it.
    Then I bought her the Treo bluetooth headset.
    Now it freezes at least twice a day. Its nothing life threatening since a soft reset fixes it, but as you can imagine its very annoying.

    Only aftermarket programs on her phone are Butler and NesEm and those have been on for 5 and 6 weeks.

    Any idea why the Treo branded headset would screw up the Treo phone? (why is that funny to me)

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    I don't use the Treo BT headset, but another brand. Did the Treo BT come with any software to install on the Treo? If so you might want to try reinstalling it.

    If it didn't come with any software (likely) then try deleting the headset as a remembered/paired device and see if the resets continue.

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