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    Have both 600 and 650, problems with PDAnet

    Hey everyone,

    I had PDAnet as a program on my 600 and upgraded to the 650 recently, giving the 600 to my girlfriend.

    Now, my phone number and my data plan switched to my phone number on the 650.

    I still have the 600 with the PDAnet program on it.

    I tried to use PDAnet with my 600 and my laptop the other day, and just got errors.

    When I upgraded with my 650 and got $10 off the price as a returning customer, did that disable PDAnet on my 600?

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    From what I've seen on the author's website, no, but you should ask the author since they're the one that would be able to give you a definitive answer.

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    i doubt it because I am using PDAnet on a trial basis currently and the author doesn't know a thing about me and cannot 'shut me off' individually.

    Works like a charm by the way. I downloaded it a few days ago and let it sit on my laptop and Treo 650 for a few days. Then Weds I was waiting for a flight and decided to give it a shot. I was online in 10 seconds with no trouble at all. I even logged into my work's VPN and downloaded my email to my laptop. Verizon is always trying to find a way to screw you. The 8940 is still getting hammered in reviews because Verizon handicapped it. When you save pics to the mini-SD they cannot be seen on a pc. It's disgusting how they screw their own customers. Glad I held out for the Treo. Am in love.

    Enjoy your toy !!!
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