I finally broke down and installed the WEME Java so I could run KMaps (http://www.alealea.com/). It was a tough decision, since the damned thing takes 1.6 megs of space (before the KMaps app). But KMaps is pretty cool, so I'm not really regretting it.

But as long as I have this giant Java environment on there, I feel like I should have some more Java apps installed. I've done a little looking around, and I've run across a couple of RSS readers that will use it:

Feedburner (http://www.feedburner.com/)
litefeeds (http://www.litefeeds.com/)

Feedburner is pretty ugly, but it kinda gets the job done. The Handango description implies that you're limited to 4 feeds. I haven't fussed with it enough to be certain about that. Litefeeds is a little cleaner looking (not much), but requires you to set up the litefeeds web interface. It, however, provides no limitations on usage.

So, my question... Are there any other really cool Java apps out there that I should be rushing to install on my Treo?