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    650 & Nortel Contivity

    I'm not going to pretend to know what all the acronyms or abbreviations mean, I'm simply looking for any help offered.

    We are in the process of selling our manager on the fact that we need Treo 650's for travel.

    We have one in house that we configured. We got it to work so that it can send and receive emails if the user is logged into their laptop. Once the laptop is shut down you can no longer send/receive emails from the Treo.

    We connect through Nortel Contivity and are on an Exchange server.

    Is there a way to send/receive email from the Treo when the laptop is shutdown?

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    Email and Nortel Contivity

    My company also uses the Nortel Contivity VPN client and I have my 650 configured to send/receive email. Unfortunately, this is NOT a function of the Nortel software or your email server. It is a function of how the email "Push" process works.

    I am on Verizon, but my friends with Treo 650's on Cingular and Sprint basically access their email in the exact same manner.

    On all of these networks, email is "pushed" to your phone when a new message or appt is received. It is not possible, from anything I have ever read, to get it to work with the desktop/laptop of the user shut down. In other words, you can't make the Treo act like a Blackberry and get email without the user's PC logged on.

    This is true, from what I understand for anyone using Outlook on an Exchange server (like almost every corporate/enterprise user is.)

    Maybe someone knows something I don't, but the net is that you have to have the user's PC running in order to get email to flow.

    Sorry - but that is the way it currently works. If anyone knows differently, then please let us know!

    I believe you can get "normal" email from your ISP without the desktop PC running. I used to do this but I was getting so many interruptions that I shut this off right away. But this means that you could, in theory, maybe set up rules to have your email sent to a POP3 email acct that would then be sent to your phone. I have never tried this, but it may be an option. Anyone care to comment?

    I am not an expert by any means. Just sharing what I know and heard and my own personal experiences.

    Good luck!

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    Getting your work email on your Treo depends on the company and how they have the email server setup.

    IF the company has POP/IMAP access enabled on the server, you can use any number of Palm email clients such as Chatter, Snappermail, or the included Versamail app to access email. No computer constantly connected is required for this option.

    Alternatively, if POP/IMAP is not enabled, you can use push clients such as Sprint's Business Connection software, Cingualr's Xpress Mail, or Verizon's Wireless Sync. These clients require a program to be running on a desktop computer.

    Finally, a more expensive option is Goodlink, which is software that is installed on both the 650 and the Exchange server. It may be the most complete email solution out there and does not require the user's computer to be on and constantly connected.

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