I am a registered user of Videohound and now..Rex.

I loved Videohound before Rex so much that I decided to get Rex only to be dissapointed that my Treo650 doesn't seem to work with it.

I says that I don't have enough internal memory. I have almost 7 megs of free space available on my Treo and can't really free up much more. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

I know now that the Rex file is 9 megs, but I didn't think that....

a) I would have a problem running it because I thought It could be run off of the SD card

b) To circumvent any memory problems I purchased UDMH (unlimited dynamic memory hack if you are not aware) which gives the Treo Unlimited Dynamic memory, hence the name.

C) I also downloaded the freeware app Memhack 0S5.

Despite all of the precautions, I'm still getting "No memory left on Palm internal to load application from Memory Card".

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance.