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    Bluetooth Headsets -- Sounds like a Speakerphone?

    I would like to get a bluetooth headset, but was wondering... headsets I've had before all sounded like I was on a speakerphone. Is that true of the Palm bluetooth headset or any other one?

    It seems to me this might be because the microphone is up near the ear, so it picks up a lot of background noise... ? Is there a bluetooth adapter with a boom mike?

    Can anyone recommend an adapter that sounds like you're talking right into the phone?

    Thank you!

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    My girlfriend says that my BT headset sounds just like I'm talking into the phone, which means it's picking up the background noise, although it's not as bad as the ones with the inline microphone (i.e. the one that comes with the 650).

    My wired headset is a Jabra earbud, which she says is much quieter when it comes to picking up background noise.

    FWIW, the BT headset I have is the MSI FT200.

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