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    Side button to wake phone

    Is there a way to make the side button (or side volume adjuster) wake the phone-up just like the green phone button?

    If I just want to quickly turn the screen on to check status, the side button would be much more convienent given the hard case I have.

    If no direct way, any hack/application... ?


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    Looked but no cigar . . .

    Since no one responded to your question yet . . . I looked around at pref and buttons but no link up for waking phone up that I see, just for hooking up apps to it "after" it's awake.

    Probably not available because it negates the phone lock features if side button wakes it up you could be connecting to data services without knowing it.
    I know it's in your hard case for you but if I did that switch it would be turning on in my pocket.

    You might try asking the same question over at
    www.Treocentral.com and ask again for a hack.

    They seem to get 3 times the traffic over there IMO.
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    Thanks Expida, that was very nice of you... I will try your suggestion. Your effort is appreciated!

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