Just got a Treo 650 as a replacement for an SRCP'ed Kyocera 7135. Mostly everything works fine (or at least as expected, given other posts on this forum) including Bluetooth HotSync, Bluetooth DUN using the Shadowmite hack, email, etc. But the built-in Blazer web browser is Dead On Arrival it seems.

Whenever I try to load ANY page, whether optimized for Palm OS or not, I get "Download" pop-up page that says:

File: (may have a file name here, or sometimes blank)
Size: (some number of K, probably the correct value)
Available Memory [on Treo]: (reads correctly)
Save to: (Options are "Web" or "Card")
Do you want to download? (Options are "Yes" or "No")

And I have to repeat this farce with every file piddly little file on the page I'm trying to load. If I say yes, I want to download, mostly it tells me that downloading failed, but sometimes it does download (and then what do I do with the downloaded information?)

Of course I've checked and unchecked every possible combination of preferences, none of which seem to relate to what to do with files loaded from URLs, and (as expected) none of which affected this problem.

I downloaded the trial version of the Xiino browser and it works fine. So do all the other internet services on the Treo.

Any suggestions? Search came up with one other person on TreoCentral with the same problem, but no responses.