So, I have my new T650, upgraded by Verizon due to my faulty Kyocera 7135.

I read the post here:
Transferring Info From Old pda to Treo 650

which more or less said to copy datebook.dat, address.dat, memos.dat, and todo.dat from my old Palm Desktop folder and overwrite the new files that appear when I installed the new Palm Desktop.

The process seems to work just fine, and certainly very easy, but I don't understand why the thread linked to above is LOCKED. Why would that thread be locked?

Is there something flawed with this procedure?

I've done this procedure when I moved from my IIIxe to my VIIx, then from my VIIx to my 7135, and I've never had a problem with it. Is there something new with the T650 that makes this a bad idea?