New one came today after I sent back my original one due to a small rattle inside which was just a fluke.

Kudos to Doorbell rang 9:30 AM and it was the U.S. post office guy. While I was signing I kept asking him what day is it? I said I know I thought I brought in the Sun paper this AM and he said it was Sun. I never knew the USPS had Sun or holiday delivery and figured I wouldn't see headset until Tues.

Dan must have sprung for next day express mail!

Dan you Da Man!

Paired it up and now I'm able to use hands free answer again (set pref for hands free and answer on 2nd ring).

I already missed the BT Treo being without it for the few days it took to mail it back for replacement.

As I've said in other posts the only other one I tested was the Motorola HS-850 and the BT Treo blows it away because it activates the 650's built in features where the 850 didn't.

Don't know what Dan charged me because I bought a package deal he made up but my guess is he charges around $50 maybe cheaper. Email him for a quote.

P.S. he's away until after Sept. 6th as when I went to thank him for the expedited delivery it came back with an away message.