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    650: Bad Reception...anyone else suffering?

    Hi, All

    My 7135 started giving me fits about a month ago, so I called VZW and they sent me a Treo 650. The only problem is, I can't hold a coversation in my house anymore. With the 7135, I never had so much as a hiccup with call quality and reception. My wife has a low-end Kyocera 404 that has no issues whatsoever with reception...but I get choppy, nearly unintelligible communications.

    Personally, this reminds me of the old Samsung SCH-3500 issue, where the antenna was either not making a good connection or it was designed incorrectly.

    Is anyone else suffering from poor reception? If you migrated from the 7135 like me, I'd love to hear your thoughts – positive or negative – on the 650.

    thanks in advance!
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    Yes, the Treo 650 has the worst reception of any Verizon phone I've ever used.

    The 7135 (and really all of the CDMA phones I've owned) tend to be conservative on the "bars" reading. In many cases my 7135 would show "zero bars" -- i.e. just the antenna icon, yet calls went through without a problem.

    The Treo 650 sometimes displays 2-3 bars in areas where I know are weak signal areas. In those cases I cannot place calls. No error message or tone is displayed-- the phone simply "resets" back to the dialing screen.

    I have had several dropped calls with the Treo where I've never dropped before. The worst part (again) is no error message -- it simply goes back to the home screen. The 7135 (and others) at least play a beep when the call is lost, and display a message so you don't continue blabbering to yourself after the call is gone anyway.

    The palm features, and the screen are really nice. The phone features seem to have been an afterthought.

    Oddly, I currently own two 650's (one on Verizon, and one on Cingular provided by my work). Both suck for RF performance, but worst than that, the phone "lies" to me about signal conditions often indicating good signal in places that have only weak signal, and often seeming to indicate I can make and receive calls when in actuallity I cannot.


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    I too suffer from rather poor voice reception. In order to use the phone in the house, I have to set it down in a sweet spot and use my bluetooth headset. And yet it still shows two bars or so. Strangely, the data (National Access) works just fine. I can get a good data connection just about anywhere.

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    I live in the DC -> Baltimore area and have great reception. Never a problem. Works just as good as all my other past CDMA phones.

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    I have the same problem as the OP. I'm coming from an i700 where my reception was excellent pretty much everywhere. Now with the 650 I have to be very careful when I move around the house. I mostly stay by the windows when I talk now, or I make sure I don't move at all.

    A pro for the 650 is that the voice quality is much better than on my i700 (and my i700 wasn't bad to begin with!). Maybe the 650 just requires more pipe to provide the better quality? Who knows.

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    I'm in Los Angeles. My previous Kyocera 7135 was a tri-mode phone. I used to get okay coverage at my house, office, and freeways. Now with the Treo 650 digital only phone, I get "NO SERVICE"

    This Treo 650 is by far the worst reception phone I've had.

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