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    switching to t650 from 7135

    I am getting a replacement t650 from verizon. on my old 7135, i could hook up a headset and listen to mp3's. if a call came in, a nice woman told me there was an incopming call and asked if i wanted to accept it. does this work the same on the t650. I had a sweet setup where i listened to mp3's through an fm transmitter hooked to a headset adapter (with a mic built in). when listening in the car, call would come in and the car speakers were a speaker phone and the external mic as as the mic for the speaker phone. I would like to set the same up on the t650.

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    You will lose the nice womans voice - replaced by a beep when a call comes in, but you will gain SOOOOOOO much more!

    Enjoying carrying only one communications device for all...

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    The part I miss is the voice response I could make on my 7135 (when the nice lady asked if I wanted to take the incoming call, I could just respond "yes" and the call would come in -- hands free). I would listen to MP3s while riding my bike, and when a call came in, I didn't have to touch anything. With Bebopper, the MP3 would simply resume when the call was disconnected. Any way to do that with the Treo 650?

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    Posted a virtually identical query a few minutes ago, HERE.

    Any success in finding a full-function equivalent?

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