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    Treo experts - data recovery help - quickly, please!!!

    Switched from the Kyocera 7135 to the Treo 650 in early May, and in the switchover, for some reason the memos didn't backup properly (when the hotsync got to the memos portion, it just froze), so in the meantime I have been backing up everything BUT the memos.

    Reinstalled SnapperMail last night and it worked fine. Sent myself a message with an attachment early this morning, saved it to the card. Several hours later, using "Filez", I deleted the attachment. When I hit the green phone button, the unit rebooted and is just rebooting over and over, it will not get to any page that is interactive.

    Is there any way I can get those memos back? I have tried a hard reset, saying "No" when it asks if I want to delete all data, and it just starts the rebooting cycle over and over.

    I would really appreciate any help that anyone can render.

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    If you still have the Kyo - Go ahead and hard reset, then after the restoration sync - beam your memos over to the Treo!

    Check out the "compatible" programs link in the sticky up top and load your 3rd party programs carefully.
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