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    Missed call sound reminder

    Is there a way to set the 650 to beep/ remind you every few minutes when you miss a call or have voicemail message like the audible reminder for your calendar? The only thing that I can do is be see the message when you go to use the phone again and it shows up on the screen. If you don't use the phone for a while you don't know you missed a call or have a message.

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    I know exactly what you're talking about. I used to have a i500 and if I remember correctly, it use to have a missed call reminder. Vibrate and sound.

    But the Treo 650 does have the alert in the upper left hand corner of the screen. If you tap on it, it will show you the missed call.

    Also, I'm not sure which application it was (I've had so many) but when I had my Treo 600 My LED light use to blink when I had a missed call. Or was the a when I had a message?

    You may want to try Treo Butler. from what I understand, it does all kinds of thing and that may be one of them.

    Good luck!

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    Butler provides this functionality and a bunch more.
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