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    Losing pictures and videos

    About once a week or so, I notice that some of my pictures and videos are disappearing. I have a 1G SD card and store all media on the card. I am not modifying them on the card or the pc. I took some pics last night at the bar and today they are gone. Anyone else experience this?

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    I didn't have this exact problem, but I did take a long video (6 min plus) the other day, and when I went to try to play it on the treo or pull it off my SanDisk 1gb card (using a card reader attached to my laptop), the file was "corrupt" and I couldn't do anything about it. The weird thing was that a few of my recently taken pics, which could be viewed just fine before I took the video, then could not be opened or viewed and were "corrupt." I was wondering, even though we should be able to take unlimited video, depending on our card storage capacity, is there a certain length that we should aim for after which the treo doesn't react well to the size of the file or something?

    PS - Just got TCPMP... this program rocks!!!

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