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    Reprogram Mail Button

    How do you reprogram the 650's mail button(the one immediately to the left of the red phone button.) so when I press that button it launches Versamail? Also on my old 600 with SnapperMail when I pressed the mail button a second time that made the program check my email. Is there a setting for this in Versamail?

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    IIRC, its Prefs > Buttons

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    Go to page 140 of your User's Guide: Applications>Prefs>Personal Buttons and change with the pick list. The default button setting is Messaging for one push and Option + Messaging button gives you VersaMail.

    On page 187 it shows how to auto sync to automatically download new email messages at time intervals from 15 minutes to 12 hours.

    I have not been able to find a two button push to get email, but there are more complete instructions on customizing email settings under User Guide for the VersaMail Application on the Software Installation CD.
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