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    Question Help: Treo 650 Palm CD is Windows XP all I have is Windows 98se

    I was forced to the Treo 650 from my 7135. The new CD calls for Windows XP.
    All I have is Windows 98se.
    Is there a work around? I have the old
    palm desktop working fine.
    I mainly use the address book.
    I borrowed a XP computer and was able
    to sync to the phone with the new CD, but I need to maintain the phone with my compter. Any help would be appreciated.
    Mike McGinn

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    You’re just going to have to bite the bullet and buy XP. That is, if your computer can support it, otherwise you will have to buy a new PC. You can also download XP with a bit torrent but I’m not saying you should do that. How? Well that is for a different forum all together.
    When in doudt..Reboot the *****!

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