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    Lawsuit claims 650 is junk

    Three owners of Palm's Treo 600 and 650 hybrid phone/personal digital assistants have filed a lawsuit claiming the devices are inherently defective and are seeking an injunction barring the sale of the popular devices.


    The three owners, Mario Palza, Charles Boulais, and Nissa Gay, claim their Treo 600 and 650 devices suffer from a host of problems such as the quality of phone calls and the stability of the software on the device. They filed a complaint with the Superior Court for the State of California, in Santa Clara County, late last week seeking damages and a recall of the Treos.

    Poor Quality Claimed

    The plaintiffs claim that phone calls placed by the Treo 600 were indecipherable because of the poor quality of the phone's speakers and choppy delivery of the user's voice, according to the complaint. Gay cited problems with the Treo 650's software, claiming the device crashed up to ten times a day.

    The plaintiffs believe these problems afflict numerous Treo owners and are attributable to Palm, not the wireless carriers that sell the device, said Ira Rothken, an attorney with Rothken Law Firm and co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs, in an interview Wednesday. Each of the plaintiffs attempted to resolve their issues through Palm's customer support office, but they claim that Palm would replace their Treos with equally defective models, Rothken said.

    A Palm spokesperson did not immediately return a call seeking comment on the lawsuit.

    Handhelds Evolve

    Palm has essentially reorganized its operations around the Treo. Sales of traditional PDAs have plummeted in recent years as mobile phones have grown more sophisticated and capable of handling the basic contacts and appointment calendar software that first brought Palm Pilots to prominence.

    However, shipments of devices like the Treos, Hewlett-Packard's iPaq h6300 models, or Research In Motion's BlackBerry 7100 are growing as users gravitate toward handhelds that combine the processing power of a PDA with the ability to make phone calls.

    Palm is expected to have shipped about 480,000 Treo devices in the company's first fiscal quarter, which ended in August, said Todd Kort, principal analyst with Gartner Inc. About 90 percent of those shipments are of the Treo 650, which was first introduced in October of last year. The Treo 600 made its debut in 2003 from Handspring, which was later acquired by Palm.

    No manufacturer is immune to problems with computer hardware, but the Treo has been a success for Palm and wireless carriers over the first few years of its life, Kort said. If the problems with the device were as widespread as the plaintiffs claim, it's likely that wireless carriers would have pulled the device from their shelves after receiving complaints, as T-Mobile did earlier this year with HP's h6315, he said.

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    Suddenly the 7135 don't seem so bad! Heh-heh-heh.

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    Thumbs down JUNK ????

    While I agree that the Palm OS is not the most stable piece of software on the market. I can never call it junk. MY Treo650 is fantastic. They must be Microsoft employees.
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    I couldnt agree less. Then again I have great people at pdaphonehome.com to help me out instead of lawyers . Anyone in agreement with the three filing the suit?

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    No me. I just had to swap out my Treo 650. But that was because I have dropped the thing no less than 15 times onto concrete or equally hard surfaces. Eventually things are going to come loose. I have had flip phone break from much less abuse..

    The Treo 650 is in my opinion the best phone on the market and an excellent PDA. Mine has never had to be reset 10 times a day. In fact, with the exception of doing some updates and software installs that required reset I would say mine has had to be reset less than 5 times. So perhaps once a month.

    Sounds to me like a bunch of people that have extremely high expectations and have exaggerated their claims to the extreme so they will have a court case.

    Now that I think about it though, there is a chance that Palm had a bad batch of phones. We all know that can happen with just about anything. If there was a bad batch and these guys got ahold of some of them then I can see where they would have a valid complaint. But the lawsuit is still over the top.

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    I hope the suit gets tossed and those morons end paying cash out of pocket.

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    If you replace "Treo 650" with "Kyocera 7135" maybe this would make more sence!
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    Originally posted by Shea
    If you replace "Treo 650" with "Kyocera 7135" maybe this would make more sence!
    I would have to disagree with you there. When I used my 7135 (for more than two years), it was very stable pretty much the whole time.

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    After two years, my 7135 was crashing everytime I closed the clamshell. This was even after they sent my 2 refurbs of them.

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    Although the injuries alleged by the plantiff's may be real to them, both individually and collectively, the majority of us users here on this board may unlikely suffer from they same ill effects.
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