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    So Much trouble...

    I've had so much trouble with my Treo 650 lately that I have been forced to attempt a zero reset, changed my hot sync names, and hard reset the unit 3 times in 2 days. I'm not going to load ANY third party software and if it gives me any more dropped calls, resets etc. It's gone. Life's too short for a constant hassle. This is my 3rd 650 in 7 months. Most of the issues are with the Phone and Email/Versamail, but that is the heart of a converged device.

    I know that no converged device is perfect, but there comes a time when the hassles out weigh the benefits. This is my only business connection 70% of the time. It HAS to be reliable.
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    The Treo 650 has the NVFS memory system. Even if you do a hard rest, some file settings, fragments, etc. remain on your Treo. There is only one way to completely remove all these files (and possible problems) on your 650- and that is a "zero -out reset". I have put so many different 3rd party programs on mine over the last 8 months that the problems that I am expierencing could not be fairly evaluated without this total reset to factory state. You also need to edit (change) your hot sync name if you plan to use the same one for your program registrations. Then remove the PalmOne program from your computer, then go into windows explorer and delete the folder Palmone under program files, then empty your recycle bin, and restart your computer. The zero-out reset is difficult to do (It took me 5 attempts), but I borrowed the proceedure here:

    1. "Connect your device to its HotSync cable or cradle. The HotSync cable does not need to be connected to your PC, and it does not need to be connected to power. "

    2. "Press and hold the Power button and UP on the 5-way navigator.
    While continuing to hold Power and UP, press and hold the HotSync button on the HotSync cable or cradle. As you press HotSync, make sure your other finger doesn't slide to LEFT or RIGHT on the 5-way navigator; it needs to be exactly on UP during the entire process. Although you are pressing the HotSync button, a HotSync operation should not begin."

    Are you holding the Power Button, AND pressing up on the 5-way? If so, your Hotsynch should not start.

    3. "While continuing to hold Power, UP and HotSync, press and release the RESET button on the back panel of your device (where's the reset hole?). This is very difficult to do with only one person; you may wish to hold the stylus in your mouth and use your hands to press Power, UP and HotSync.
    Release Power, UP and HotSync."

    I find the stylus in mouth works, otherwise, grab a friend.

    4. "If you did this reset correctly, the screen of your device will go blank, and you will not be able to turn it on. The charging LED will not light up, even if it's connected to power. It will appear to be "dead." (any other activity — such as the Palm OS logo or a rainbow-colored Boot Log screen appearing — means the reset was performed incorrectly; try again)
    Your device will appear "dead" for several minutes (up to 10 minutes). During this time, your device's internal memory is being reformatted. If your device doesn't appear "dead" for several minutes with the screen completely blank, the zero out reset was performed incorrectly; try again.
    After several minutes, your device will "wake up" and the Palm and Palm Powered logos will appear as if you had performed a hard reset. Eventually, you'll be taken to a series of screens to calibrate the touchscreen and set date & time."

    I've performed this successfully, although my device didn't go dead for several minutes, but for about 30 seconds.

    Then reload from your original CD the desktop program with hotsync, create a new user name (or your old one if you changed it before removing the program).

    I have done this, and with no other 3rd party programs, or remnants of such, I'm testing this unit for perfect reliability. I'll have slightly more patience before abandoning the Treo for another device or two...
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    I have no problem with reliability. You may want to scrutizine your choices for 3rd party software. VersaMail is terrible however.
    The only program that causes soft-resets is Agile Messenger Beta. I am well aware it is a beta IM program but its free.
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    Well I've had the same problem "once" and "once" only.

    It was a 3rd party app that crashed my treo 650.

    I made the same mistake and tried soft resetting.

    I finally hard reset the device and wiped it out.

    I immediately updated the treo 650 with the palmone updater.

    That fixed my problem (it was versamail with excessive mail the app would crash. don't have that problem anymore and i've got 4 email accounts setup on the treo 650).

    I installed 1 app at a time to make sure there were not problems and put some apps on the SD card.

    I have to say, its far more stable then some pocketpc phones out there. I've use both.
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