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    2 Gig SD card question

    I just got my Treo 650 and so far so good. I purchased a 2 Gig SD card from Fry's here in the Phoenix area and put a few pictures on it (from an external card reader through a USB port) from my Kodak software program. When I put the 2 Gig card in the phone, the phone didn't recognize it. I took the 1 Gig card (which was in my camera and was pretty much loaded with pics and some Quicktime movies) and the phone immediately recognized the pics. It would not recognize (or playback) the Quicktime movies but the pics opened perfectly.

    I took the 2 Gig SD card back to Fry's and re-attempted this process again but the phone still won't recognize the 2nd 2 Gig card.

    I called Sprint but they were not helpful and told me they would call me back. I went to the user manual and saw nothing about SD card limitations.

    I'm understanding through a few work associates that they have "friends" that are using 2 Gig SD cards and was curious if I'm missing something.

    Does anyone have any input or advice to help me with this. I haven't loaded any other apps than the Adobe and Word programs that were on my Sprint start-up CD.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Crazy question, but have you formatted the card in the phone yet?? Perhaps being a new card you simply need to format it.

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    Actually, I was unable to format my 2g card on my phone, I formatted it using my sd reader on the pc. The Treo 650 only recognizes fat16, so don't format it in fat32.
    It worked great in the phone once I did that.

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    has anyone seen an sd card with wifi

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    wow......I bought a 2Gb card at Frys in Phoenix also and did not format it in the phone but in my laptop. It would only show 1 Gb size for the card and now it wont format.???????

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