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Thread: Battery life...

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    Battery life...

    The manual says the battery will perform better with frequent top-offs as opposed to waiting until the battery gets near empty to charge it. Is this true? No conditioning required? No memory effect?

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    Li-Ion batteries do not have memory issues. Whereas Ni-Mh batteries work better and benefit from a full discharge/recharge cycle, Li-Ion tend to perform better if a full discharge is avoided.
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    Yes I've read this as well in the manual and I actually had drained it to the extreme numerous times. Now, I charge it once a day but its usually about 30-40% battery life left.

    If your looking to save the battery time on it, turn off the bluetooth, beam settings and turn down the screen brightness.

    Does wonders for it and I love the battery life on the 650. Better then any ppc phone out there so far.
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