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    Does SD Card Back Up??

    I'm pretty anal about backing up -that being said...

    I started moving games and other software to my SD to save space, but I have a concern.

    Do files, software etc. on the SD card get backed up onto my PC when I hotsync?

    If not, is it possible to sync the SD card itself using a cradle or usb sync cable etc. (ie settings, switch..)?

    .....Or do I need to use a card reader, and do it manually? (This I suppose will work, but will not be optimal, convenient, or obviouly my first choice as it will require a bit more of forethought time and planning.)

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    By default, the files on the card are not backed up. I believe you have to have an add-on program, like the most current version of Backup Buddy for Windows, in order to do it. There's an option in that software to backup the stuff on the SD card.

    Your other choice is to get an SD card reader (they're cheap) and copy the stuff off of the card directly to the PC. This way would be much faster anyway because you wouldn't have the bottleneck of the handheld's SD slot.

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