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    Data connections and the call log

    For those who connect to the internet...umlimited plan or qnc or dial-up...do any of those sessions show up in your call log on the Treo 650?

    I'm using qnc and none of the sessions show in the call log like they used to on my Kyo7135.

    I was able to find the right person at verizon to activate my Treo without a data plan. The time comes out of my minutes and the data kb counter on the phone reads zero. Since the calls don't show in the call log I have no way to track my internet time...except to wait two days for verizons system to update.

    Is there an app for the Treo that will track network connection time? Or, is there a way to set up the qnc network connection so that it will show up?



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    minutes showing up

    I also am on the minutes plan, but I was told by a VZW Data rep this week that the Treo 650 is not eligible for this plan because users cannot control when the phone goes on-line except by powering off the phone entirely.

    This would seem to be true, as I have had some heavy calls show up (but they don't seem to count toward my usage?).

    I would have thought that I was controlling my phone, but not according to him. Any body else see this? I am not using wireless sync.

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