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Thread: Cradle Use

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    Cradle Use

    I recently migrated to the Treo 650 from the Kyocera 7135, and am having a little trouble

    Two questions regarding the use of the cradle with the Treo 650:

    1. Is there any setting on the Treo (or any 3d party app) that will allow me to prevent the unit from powering down when it's in the cradle, but that will allow the power down and keyguard functions when it is not in the cradle?

    2. Does anyone else find the connection between the unit and the cradle to be a really, really tight fit? Putting it in the cradle is no big deal, but getting it out requires two-handed operation and care to avoid pressing buttons. Not a big deal, but sort of a pain. Is this common to all 650s?


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    1. Pickup CradleCare from GoTreo Software. It will do just what you want and it's very cheap.

    2. Yes, it's a very tight fit. Over time, you'll learn that it will always be a 2 handed manuever; keep the upper hand on both sides of the 650, just above the side buttons.

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