I always use the OpenWave WAP browser (labelled as "browse" on my 7135) to read my work e-mail since I have set up a WAP mail host on our e-mail server here. I also use it to looks at sports scores and news at ESPN. It works well and it is like the WAP browser built into "lesser" (non-PDA) phones.

Is there a simple WAP browser included in the Treo 650 or can I install the one I have on the 650? I think the .prc is built into the phone since the file manager would not let me copy it to the SD card. It looks like from the OpenWave web page that they only sell to cell carriers or phone makers, not to individuals.

I tried the browser on the 650 at the Vzw store into our WAP port and it did not work well at all. But that was the main (graphic) browser.