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    Semsons . . . Great place for GPS

    When I ordered my bundle from them they shipped the same or by the next day. No holding orders back a few days like many sites do (I hate that, when you pay for 2 day delivery and a company takes 2-3 days to process the order and then you hit the weekend, so 2 days become 6 days).

    I took the two day DHL for $19. I saw by the tracking it was shipped and picked up from Semsons but DHL took an extra day to deliver it, even though it was at my office by 10AM on the 3rd day.

    I complained by email back to Semsons for some type of shipping credit, I was only looking for a few dollars back on principle because I paid $6 extra above the $14 regular way shipping for two day delivery.

    Here is their response I received back today from last nights email:

    Dear Paul,
    We are sorry for the delayed shipping.
    A refund of $19.00 has been credited to your Master Card account today. Please allow 4-5 business for the credit to reflect on your statement.

    We apologize again for you were unable to use the GPS for your trip. Thank you for your business and we hope to serve you again in the future.

    Best regards,
    Customer Care Team
    Semsons & Co. Inc.

    This order was shipped across the country from CA to NY. I can't even get companies in NJ to process, ship and deliver this fast to me.

    Just wanted to post this here as THIS is the type of company and customer service you want to give your current and future business to!
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    Great story! And it's good to see someone go out of their way to show appreciation for good service. You hear so much griping so often on boards like this. Of course that has it's place too. If a company sucks really bad, it can be helpful to know.

    Often, you don't get a chance to realize how good or bad a company is until they screw up. But how they handle you then is what makes a company good or bad.

    Good to see someone still gives a crap about good customer service.

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