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    Crashing Upon Answering a call

    My Treo is crashing way too often to accept. I can't actually reproduce the bug intentionally, but when it does happen, it is when I am performing the same function - simply answering a call. Most often it will happen after the phone has been sitting idle for a while, and the first call of the day comes in, in the morning. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I do have Verichat installed as my instant messaging application; I remember when I tried Verichat with my old Samsung I500, it caused a lot of crashes and general instability before I gave up and removed it. They have updated it and it runs fine on the Treo, but I wonder if it isn't messing it up behind the scenes. Has anyone else with Verichat experienced the same problem? Anyone without it had this issue as well? I haven't tried removing it yet because I use it so often - I was hoping to find a solution first. I am also concerned that I wouldn't be able to remove everything. I am sort of a Palm newbie is there a quick/easy way to restore the OS to its default state from the factory? Sort of a "clean-install" like you'd do on a Windows machine?



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    There are some suggestions to fixing your problem in Palm Knowledge Library Solution ID: 38867.

    Instructions for various types of resets in Palm Knowledge Library Solution ID: 887.
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    I once

    I once had a similar problem which solved when I replaced my battery.

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    problem happens to me with callfilter using an mp3 as a ringer tone and using volume care to make the ringer REAL loud phone wigs out and reboots everytime it rings so I dont use any mp3 ringtones and prob went away. It will also do it when the phone runs outta memory.

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