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    How to upgrade to 650 FAQ vs. Palm FAQ

    I am another 7135 user moving to the Treo 650 and was glad to find the FAQ on this forum regarding how to handle the upgrade. Having been with Palm devices for many years, I have had my "synch wars".

    Anyway, this FAQ is obviously very detailed and written by a very knowledgeable person.

    Before I found this I was looking at the Palm FAQ on the same subject here:
    http://kb.palmone.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/W...j(14403)<br />

    I am curious on the pluses/minuses on one method vs. the other?

    Essentially what I planned to do was (of course) do a final synch of my old device on my OLD desktop. Save my user directory many times!
    Then (taken from the palm note) rename the backup directory so the third party stuff will not synch until I want it to. Then uninstall my old desktop, backup buddy, etc. Install the Treo 650 software, choose the SAME username as my old device (since it will "see" that username there, it should offer) and synch the 650. This should ONLY give me my core Palm databases which is fine. No extra stuff.

    Then for all my third party stuff, download most recent versions and use my current registrations since it is the same username, or pull them from that backup folder.

    What am I missing doing the transfer this way vs. the bulleting board faq? I do not do any outlook contact or e-mail synching so perhaps that is a big difference. Just curious to understand.


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    When I converted from my old 7135, I tried to follow the post step by step, but somehow things didn't go exactly as they said. It seemed to work out anyway.
    My point is, I have this feeling that the Palm way is the better way. Just my sense, from trying to do the way it was posted on this site.

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