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    Best Plan for a GSM Treo?

    Best carrier for unlocked GSM phone?

    I have Sprint now w/Vison for my i-500 but, I need guidance on picking a new service for a GSM Treo. I want to keep the bill as close to $50/mo as I can.

    I'm looking @ buying a GSM based Treo & finding that carriers really have a lot of disadvantages:

    Sprint/Nextel: Can't "bring you Own" due to them only allowing the ESN #s of "Sprint Phones" - they only offer 1 model of GSM & it's not a Treo.

    ATT / Cingular: Very expensive for unlimited data ($44.95/mo), even domestically

    T-mobile: Looks the best but:

    1)When I asked about data service, they said "Corporate or personal" - Corp. being $40 / mo, personal $30...but they could not tell me the differance!
    I use a company app. on a spring phone to acess my data on a lotus notes domino server...techically it sounds like corporate, but I'm thinking I could get by w/persoanl service?

    2)Don't know if I can bring an unlocked GSM phone onto an existing line?

    3)How hard are SIMs to buy & use for the GSM phone when going abroad?

    4)does T-mobile offer phone insurance?

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    1. the personal option will be fine
    2. yup, unlocked 650 will work fine on t-mobile, no problem
    3. extremely easy, no worries
    4. I don't know, you should call and ask

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