Is there a similar issue in the Treo 650 and what is the cure if so:

A fast fix for the notification issue?
I've had the notification issue with my i500 more times than I'd like to mention. After running into it once again tonight, I was finally able to narrow down a particular file that appears to be causing the issue.

Basically, I did a full backup, then a hard reset and then everything worked. Thereafter, I restored everything from my back. Perhaps not surprisingly, I no longer was receiving notifications any longer. So, I started digging deeper and finally narrowed the issue to a file called "SmsDB.pdb." When adding that back to my i500, the notifications stopped appearing. When I removed it and let the file rebuild itself, the notifications worked again!

Hopefully I won't have an opportunity to test my theory any time soon, but if anyone else runs into this, try deleting the "SmsDB.pdb" file BEFORE doing a hard reset--it may save you loads of time!


Anyone ever have notification problems on their i500?