I recently purchased and loaded the “mVoice Recorder” program for my Palm Treo 650.

After playing with it a little, I feel I have a pretty good understanding of how the “mVoice” program works. I can “RECORD” memos without any problem. I have recorded several memos from voicemail messages that I would like to be able to leave on someone else’s voicemail.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts, it doesn’t appear that I can “PLAY” a recorded “mVoice memo” from my Palm Treo 650 while in the process of making a call into someone else’s voicemail or during the course of having a telephone conversation. It appears that the Palm Treo 650 won’t allow operation of the “mVoice program” in the “PLAY MODE” while making a telephone call.

Is there something I’m missing to get the Palm Treo 650 to PLAY a memo from “mVoice” WHILE leaving a voicemail for someone else or DURING the course of a telephone call from the Palm Treo 650?

Is there a work around to get this accomplished or are there any other programs out there which would allow me to do this?

Thanks in advance