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    MobiTV for Treo 650 / Sprint PCS review

    Anyone have any user reviews on Mobi-TV for the Treo 650 for Sprint?

    I've been getting the pop-up screen anytime I go to look at the sports scores and am thinking about trying it.

    I've read some reviews but I'd like to get actual user reviews here. Since its $10.00 a month, I wonder if:

    1 You get live TV stations?
    2 How is the Playback?
    3 Live Sports?

    Any other thoughts you might have?
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    1. no, not regular tv entertainment shows. But some live playback of the nfl channel and some of the news. About a min delay on those channels.

    2. About the quality of AVI Playback when it started. Blocky at times, especially when there is movement. Not bad for talking heads on news programs.

    3. No live sports.

    I have it atm, because I get a $10 vision credit per month for purchases made through Sprint, that I wasn't using for anything else. Not sure if I would have it otherwise.

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