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    GPS Location App For Treo


    I found this awesome app for the Sprint Treo 650. This company Orion Security is offering a Beta release of their Findum service. It allows you to, through their website, locate your treo, or the treo of your family members or employees. Their site also works with a bunch of other Sprint handsets. Its only $13 a month, and there are no additional Sprint fees. I just got it, its pretty cool. Go to http://www.FindumWireless.com for info and to get the service. I am going to go play with it some more.


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    Pretty nice, if anyone knows something for a verizon phone, pls let us know. Interestingly enough , google's glm site doesn't put maps to verizon phones either. Is this the technology verizon is using, or is it just verizon not playing with these guys?

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