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    Seidio Retractable Sync & Charge USB Cable

    I bought this back when I got my 650 in May-June. and it's been a great add-on for me since I travel a ton and need a good way to charge and sync while on the road.

    As of yesterday, the cable seems to have developed a bad connection. I'm getting a lot of intermittents. My question is, do any of you have similar experiences with this product or have I just over-used it? I have to buy a new cable and maybe should switch to another brand.

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    I think most of the retractable cables sold by various companies are virtually all
    the same. Over time, because of the more delicate thin wiring, they can end
    up failing.

    That being said, I do recommend Mac Media because they have such a great
    warranty compared to any other company out there. Their warranty is for 6
    months and will cover for ANY type of breakage - no matter who is at fault.
    Added to that, their pricing is very good along with their support.

    You should check them out if you end up getting a new cable -

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    I LOVE the macmedia cable, especially the power unit which can plug into the wall or the cig lighter in the car.
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