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    Question Plantronics Discovery 640 Headset?

    Anyone tried the Discovery 640 Bluetooth Headset? Does it have the same connect lag as the Voyager 510?


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    I have the voyager 510... it's decent, but it takes anywhere from 3-5 seconds to connect. You must stay in close proximity of the phone or you'll get bad static. I perused thru the selection of bluetooth headpieces, and this looked the most durable. I would recommend...

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    I've got it and like it. The volume level is significantly better than anything else I've tried (Motorola, Sony, PalmOne), primarily because it inserts into the ear. There's almost no delay connecting. Sound quality is excellent on both ends, even in noisy environments. Very light and comfortable. The battery-powered pocket charger is useful.

    On the negative side: It's expensive, and it doesn't include an adapter to use the Treo charger. It's somewhat difficult to insert in the ear properly, and if you don't use the optional ear hook, it's not that stable. The ear hook is horribly uncomfortable, so I never use it. The controls are difficult to use.

    I'm looking into an alternative or custom eargel. If it fit perfectly, it would be a nearly ideal headset.

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