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    Memory issues... what should be internal?

    Now that I'm using my T650 to somewhat fullest capability, I seem to have installed and deleted multiple apps. And the by product of doing this is that there seems to be residual deleted application files left on the device. Can someone tell me what can be deleted and what cannot?

    I also see like Net Font Lib taking a lot of memory..can this be moved to the SD card? Can most files without the lock be moved to the SD card? I had about 5MB space left and when I installed the new Dataviz native PDF viewer app, it took like 3MB. Thank goodness Snappermail's new upgrade now takes new emails directly to the card.

    Can someone help me optimize my T650?

    Thank you!

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    It's hard to say what residual files should be removed. Residual files get left behind, because the application author ends up using multiple ids for the application and its data files. The built-in delete function deletes everything with the same id as the application.

    For Dataviz, I wonder if you can use the Dataviz Tech Tool to move that application to the card. Typically the things you want to move to the card are applications alone or applications and their data files. Net Font Lib may not be able to be moved depending on what application it's associated with, if any.
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