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    Smile Connector Type Audio Adaptor for Treo 650

    Is the headphone jack on your Treo 650 broken? Do you have to constantly plug in and take out headphone sets to listen to music or talk on the phone? If so, and your jack isn't broken, it probably will with extended use. If you are looking for a solution now, Seidio is proud to announce the development of our Connector Type Audio Adaptor. It is basically a dongle type of device that fits securely to the connector dock of your Treo 650 and has a 3.25¡± cable terminating in a 3.5mm female audio jack. Though you will be able to use any native 3.5mm headsets without an adaptor for listening to audio, if you want to be able to answer your phone via headset as well, you will probably want to opt for one of our popular 2 in 1 family of headsets with one of our 3.5mm male to 2.5mm female adaptors. It is very sturdily constructed and the total length from connector to end of the 3.5mm jack is about 4.5¡±. You won¡¯t be able to hotsync or charge your Treo using this product, but you will certainly be able to use your headset again. This product is available for purchase at https://secure-checkout59.monstercom...ROD&ProdID=227 . For more information, please contact: jingzhang@seidio.com

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