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    reset loop, except in non-radio mode

    My 650 got itself into a reset loop (randomly rebooted while downloading mail in Versamail, and never came back). By experimenting with holding down keys while rebooting, I managed to get it to start up by holding the up-cursor key. But it comes up with the phone off, and if I try to turn the phone on, nothing happens.

    Also, if I boot holding the down-cursor, the keyboard starts to blink, and the 650 stay stuck in that state until I force another boot.

    In a (now, in hindsight, foolish) attempt to preserve all my data, I did a backup to my SD card and a synch to my computer while I was booted up in this "up-cursor, no phone" mode. Then I did a hard reset and restored. But obviously I restored the corrupted file, because after the hard reset and restore, the reset loop continued.

    Any ideas as to how I get out of this???

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    Sounds like corruption of the Saved Preferences or Unsaved Preferences database (usually Saved). You're most likely going to have to hard reset, and then reload everything from scratch one program at a time.

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