Ok, it's clear I'm new Treo owner due to my number of posts. I thought I had everything going well, but now I have stumbled into a Versamail issue. I cannot download more than one message from the server at a time. It will download one message (from Sprint PCS) and then give me the error "Error retrieving message" with no error code. I can repeat this for the number of mail messages that are on the server.

Earlier in the day I turned off versamail sync in the hot sync manager. I did not want to be polling Sprint PCS every time I did a hot sync. Besides, I have no idea if it was keeping a copy of the mail on the PC. I'm not sure if this is part of the issue.

I have it set to download 5k of each email (the default). If I switch to downloading just the subject, it will download all of the subjects fine.

Any help here?

-- Gary