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    Time Zone Nightmare

    Recently, I went a business trip. I'd say it's pretty common for people with expensive PDAs to travel.

    When I turned on the Treo, it found the new time zone and adjusted my calendar. When I booted the laptop, the time was two hours off, so I changed it to the new time zone. So far so good.

    Then, I synchronized and the nightmare began. I got tons of errors, and appointments were at the wrong times. Most were displaced by two hours, but some were displaced by only one hour.

    Upon returning home and changing the time zone back, I couldn't get my calendar to synchronize correctly. I searched Palm's knowledge base, and found Solution ID: 30028, "Date Book and To Do List items behave strangely when traveling." This says, "To avoid the problem, leave your desktop computer set to your home time zone and not to the time zone you happen to be visiting." I cannot believe Palm would recommend such a ridiculous "solution!" I rely on my computer, and having my calendar items and file times incorrect is not acceptable.

    At this point, I figured that a better Outlook conduit may be what I need. Not too excited about paying $70 for functionality that should be included with the Palm, I download the trial of Intellisync anyway.

    But then Intellisync crashed repeatedly when I tried to configure it. Their tech support told me that they had no "probable cause" what the problem was, but still insisted that I perform a lengthy procedure involving registry hacks, operating system file deletions, manual registration of DLLs, and downloading and installing of .exe files over the internet with my virus and firewall software disabled. Not only was I not comfortable putting my computer at risk as they asked, but I wasn't willing to be a free testing lab to debug their product.

    Out of options, I ended up manually changing the time on over 500 of my Calendar items. And I am not sure how many of them I didn't fix correctly (not a straightforward process). I've already showed up an hour early for one meeting.

    Total investment: ~12 hours of my time, plus lost data and aggravation.

    I've been a loyal Palm supporter through many years and many devices, and I have a lot of money tied up in third-party Palm software applications. But this time zone defect is a show-stopper. I've heard that the Microsoft operating system handles time zones correctly. So if Palm doesn't fix this defect soon, my next PDA will be Windows.
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    I travel frequently, and I never change my notebook's clock. Knowing the time at home is just as important as knowing the time on the road, and I have learned to mentally add or subtract a few hours from the notebook's clock.

    The Treo's clock changes automatically with the network, so use it to read local time. (Since I began carrying cellphones with network time, I have given up wearing a watch, which I consider a major fringe benefit of cellphones.)

    So far, I have never had the problems you mention. I know this doesn't help your current problem, but as soon as your mess is untangled, consider following Solution ID 30028's advice. Keeping track of the time when travelling is a perennial problem, so relax and go with the flow. Let your Treo keep you on schedule!

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    I frequently cross the Eastern/Central timeline, so I make sure to give timezones to all my calendar entries. However, I did run across a warning somewhere in the Treo's screens or documentation somewhere that stated that the Palm Desktop does not track timezones, but that outlook does (major fairly easily correctible oversight IMHO, but hey...). As I do not use outlook, I just don't sync while I'm not in my home zone, or make sure to disable the calendar portion of the sync. Again, I know this doesn't help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoBears
    ...I never change my notebook's clock.
    This is the key.

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