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    Angry My 650 has NO CAMERA!

    WTF, mate? I recently had my i500 replaced at the Sprint Store with a 650 and I was going to you know, test out its features and low and behold, no camera! What is up with that?!

    See, it's a replacement so I feel a little as if I'm looking the gifthorse in the mouth if I complain, but it's supposed to have a camera! Has anyone else dealt with this? I did a basic search of the forum and got no change.

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    They make a version of the 650 without a camera for people who work for businesses which mandate that cameras, including cell phones with cameras, not be allowed in the facility.

    Since the i500 didn't come with a camera either, they probably just replaced it with the closest thing. Maybe they will let you trade up if you really need a camera, although they'll probably charge you extra for it...

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