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    Thumbs up change treo 650 verizon to sprint

    did anybody can help me how to change , if yes please help me
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    sprint wont take a phone not "from" their network. at least last year when i changed over it was that way.

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    You can't use a competitor's CDMA phone on a different CDMA network. Although it's technically possible since they are operating on the same network, the carriers just refuse to do so. Why? Because they can. I'm quite sure that they (the CDMA carriers in North America) have probably signed some kind of agreeement amongst themselves to not accept a competitor's phone on their network. Why? Because that way, they can "force" their customers to stick with them or end up having to get another phone and get into another contract to get a phone on a competitor's network. Simple as that.

    With GSM, it's different. You can easily "unlock" the subsidy lock that the GSM carriers put in their phones. Once "unlocked", you can put in any GSM carrier's SIM card (provided that your phone supports the local network frequency of the SIM) and have it working.

    That's one main reason why I will never go to a CDMA carrier.
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