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    Lost files on SD card

    The Mrs recently lost the SD card from her 650 for about three days. When it was found the majority of the photo/video files had disappeared. I checked both the SD card and the phone with Filez and can't find the missing files. I use backupbuddy set to automatically work on a daily basis. Any ideas what could have happened? I have installed cardkeeper now to alert in case of future mishaps.



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    Had the Same Problem

    I had the same problem after dropping the little phone on the ground. It didn't hurt the phone at all or anything else but erased all the data. This has happened to me before. Two things I do on a regular basis. Physically backup the disk to the hard drive with a card reader and put the lock on the card when I am only accessing the card and not putting anything on it. Between the phone and the 2 gig sd I have over 340 programs I have and use on the phone, mainly utitlies and games. I have lots of folders on the sd with txt, dbs, music videos and such, so I dred thinking of losing it all. So I make a few backups and even copy good back ups to cd's in case my computer crashes.

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