I have three questions for the Treo crowd. I am reinstalling my operating systems (mac OSX & Windows XP) on my dual-boot system and am resisting the urge to use Windows for my PIM management. I have been wondering the following:

1) Can I sync my data with Microsoft Entourage without installing Palm Desktop? I really have no use for the Palm software, but the Entourage sync utility will not install unless Palm Desktop is already installed. If I remove Palm Desktop, will disaster ensue?

2) As miniSD cards are increasing in storage capacity, I am thinking of using my Treo as a portable hard drive. How can I get started on this? I would obviously like to be able to carry documents other than videos and pictures - is there a preferred application that will be necessary? Also, I want to be able to plug the treo into any computer and be able to retreive these files - leaving my PIM information untouched. I have tried to go back and forth between platforms in the past and have had unpredictable results - but that was with PIM data and not regular data, so I am wondering if anyone does this currently with some success.

3) Has anyone figured out how to synchronize email messages that are sitting in my inbox so I can read them on the go? I remember being able to do this with Outlook many moons ago (with my Handspring Visor) - can this be done with Entourage 2004?

Sorry so long, thanks so much in advance for any replies.