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    treo650 Bluetooth very weak

    I love my treo 650.

    But i noticed that i have to be within 3-4 feet of the phone to hear anything, otherwise i get lots of cracke and static.

    This is bad compared to my other phones where i could go 30 feet.

    Is this a normal flaw in the tre 650?

    Is there any new software updates coming out to address this??

    If its not normal would it be wise to take it to a sprint store and have tech look at it. I have the total protection. Maybe he can fix it, get me another one, Offer me an upgrade to the 700P ???

    Please help.!

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    This has been the subject of much discussion on this forum.

    YES, this is bad compared to other phones, and YES it is a normal flaw on the Treo 650. Like many others, I had the same experience, and could not use an inexpensive Bluetooth headset more than a foot from the 650.

    Other users have reported that the Scala headset seems to work the best, even better than major brands such as HP or Logitech. Do a search of this forum for Scala and read what others have said.

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    Has the bluetooth been improved on the 700P?

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