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    Missing calls during National Access

    Like many of you, I came to the Treo 650 from a Kyocera 7135.

    The 7135 used to be able to take a call during a National Access session while checking email. ( I use Snapper ) My 650 goes straight to voicemail.

    This is getting annoying. I keep missing calls.

    Have I missed something? Am I stuck with this? Is there a setup somewhere that can change this?

    Will it be the same way with EVDO on a 700P?


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    I'm on Sprint and I do not know what "National Access" is, so I assume you are on a different system such as Verizon. But from the fact that you check e-mail during National Access, I assume it means Internet access.

    When I use the Internet on my Sprint 650, I can still receive calls. It just ends the program I am using (Versamail for e-mail or Blazer for web browsing) and puts me through to the phone screen, and I can answer the call or ignore it. When I am finished with the call, I simply restart my Internet program and I am still connected to the network.

    Therefore, this sounds like a problem with the 650 firmware from your provider (Verizon?) or perhaps the network itself.

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