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    Calendar sync questions

    Background: I sync using two computers-1 personal and 1 for work. Options are set to syncronize all appointments in the calendar each time.

    Situation: Work just set size limits for outlook. My calendar and its history alone take up almost all of my allocated space.

    While I don't need all of my past years appointments on my handheld at all times, I do need to save that info and be able to add it back whenever I want. What is the best way to set up the hotsync so that I can keep the history appts on my personal comp at home and update the new ones yet still just sync current year with the work comp?

    If I archive the calendar, how easy is it to add that back to the active calendar?

    Any ideas?

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    Just an idea, but if you have another unused Palm device you haven't been able to part with, you could load the extensive calendar onto it & sync it w/the desktop as a different user (leaving only the abbreviated calendar on the 650), then just beam the neccessary archived events to the 650 as needed.

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