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    Safely erase sensitive data when selling your 650

    Go to the Palm website and search for solution ID: 887 in the Knowledge Library entitled: Zero Out Reset.

    This procedure will reformat the 650's internal memory.

    Connect the HotSync cable (it does not need to be connected to your PC or power).

    Press and hold the Power button, the Up on the 5-way navigator and the HotSync button, and then simultaneously press and release the RESET button (using the stylus in your mouth if doing it by yourself). Then release the other three buttons.

    The screen will go blank and appear to be dead for up to ten minutes while your internal memory is being reformatted. Your 650 will then "wake up" and the PalmOne and palm POWERED logos will appear. You will then be prompted to calibrate the touchscreen and set the date & time.

    To make sure nothing gets reloaded when you do a HotSync, rename the backup folder and HotSync ID. You can also completely drain the battery and let it sit for a few days.

    If you merely do a hard reset, the data can be recovered using inexpensive software.
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    To add to this, I've done a video of how to do it along with other resets here

    And the link to the zero out reset is here
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