I just got rid of my Entourage conduit and began using iSync/Bluetooth to sync my Treo 650 with iCal & Addressbook. The only remaining issue was that I had no way to sync my Notes/Memos. I found out that by transferring my Entourage notes to Palm Desktop, I could sync the notes to my Treo. After syncing one note as a test, I closed it until I had more time. Now, a week later I decide to start manually copying over the Entourage notes (there is unfortunately no known way to export/import automatically, but if anyone knows of a way, please post!), but every time I launch Palm Desktop now, I get a spinning beachball and the application crashes. I can see that it launches on the Notes screen every time, so maybe that has something to do with it. I tried reinstalling the app, but I have the same problem. Actually I don't really need Palm Desktop anymore except for the Hotsync Manager - and would actually LOVE to just delete it altogether if I would still be able to sync without it. Can anyone help?