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    Missing Treo Splash Screen

    Hello. I was installing some programs and I am not for sure what program did what it did or how I could fix it. I own a Treo 650 with Alltel service. When I turn on the phone it shows a Treo splashscreen with a phone and the words Treo. One program I installed changed the screen to the Sprint splashscreen. I still am on the alltel service. It didnt hurt the phone just changed the splashscreen. I am not for sure if it is a bmp or some othe file that is missing oir got replaced. Can someone help me with this. I miss the Treo and I am not on Sprint and don't want it on there. Thanks for any help.

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    Did you change your dialpad colors with a program? If you did the Splash screen will be Sprint. I changed my dialpad color to pink with someone's program and it changed my splash screen. It doesn't do anything. But if you want your old one back you have to delete it.

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